Ginori Oriente Italiano Mug, Iris


Iris mug in porcelain with gold threading. Oriente Italiano collection.
The iconic Antico Doccia shape showcases the carnation floral motif blue contrasting the pale iris of the porcelain. Exquisite hand-painted gold threading enhances the classic, elegant contours and illuminates the entire element. Also available with a lid to keep beverages hot, it is available in a variety of colors making for unique and striking arrangements. Oriente Italiano is offered in a complete assortment of tableware, tea and coffee sets as well as home accessories and it is one of the flagship collections of Manifattura di Doccia, an expression of made in Italy excellence.
Made in Italy.
↥ 3.86 inch
Ø 3.94 inch
≈ 14.08 fl. oz.
7.83 oz.