Jinglenog Cosmos Ornament


Cosmos the reindeer is part of Santa’s back up team,

making the Christmas Eve deliveries is his dream.

Cosmos is a diligent and dedicated deer,

but only eight of his mates make the journey each year.

“I’m first string B team” he beams,

“a huge accomplishment and a position of great esteem.”

He trains with Vixen and Dasher daily on the jet stream,

dips with Donner and Blitzen at breaks in the gulf stream,

and shares Comet and Cupid’s chocolate ice creams,

in Santa’s world he is acclaimed,

but no one outside of the North Pole knows his name.

Cosmos does not need fame,

and a happier reindeer has never been seen.

He loves his work and the knowledge he has gained.

“I am blessed” he exclaims.

“I am a member of the dream delivery team!”