Julie Wear Summerlea Mug


Julie Wear gathers ordinary fruits and vegetables from the garden and combines them together in unexpected ways to create a pattern of delightful color and movement.

You will find luscious melon, plump eggplant, sassy radishes, peapods, some of which have lost their peas, served up with cheerful strawberries, ripe blueberries and blackberries. On one salad plate Wear has gathered a beautiful tulip and paired it with green onions and an apple slice. Another salad plate features asparagus lying on petunias; a slice of melon paired with a blackberry branch and an iris with a lush pear are shown together on the other two salad plates. Butterflies and honey bees, even a small snail, all make their appearances throughout the collection. A wonderful celery bunch makes it’s bold presence known on the striking platter with petunias along side a tulip and melon slice. The wonderful serve plate with a ripe melon resting on it’s leaves looks good enough to eat!