William Yeoward Studio Ariande 16" Vase


STUDIO is a new contemporary collection of colourful Table Glass, Bar Glass and decorative pieces for the home, inspired by the vibrant colours of the Mediterranean region.

Bella Bianca and Bella Blue, with their spiral trails of White and Blue, remind us of sparkling oceans, the fluffy white clouds of Summer, skies in every shade of blue-and white sails over the water.

Vanessa, with its rich colours of Tortoise, Forest Green and Sicilian Blue captures some of the elements that make the Mediterranean coastline so memorably beautiful.

The decorative pieces Ariadne and Circe were inspired by the timeless beauty of ceramics from ancient Crete- a land still beautiful with green forests, dazzling white houses and luminous light.

These new pieces have been designed to showcase the skill and artistry of the individual glassmaker, every piece being hand made by a true artisan; no two pieces are exactly alike, each one is an individual piece of highly skilled craftsmanship.